Montelin Java Natural

  • If you love coffee for its social aspect, this is the one for you. It’s a relationship coffee: one obtained through relationships and the perfect coffee to build them. When I first met the producer of this coffee, Juan Ramon Diaz, I could tell we had a lot in common. He sat quietly observing and listening amongst a group of producers as I stumbled through conversation in broken Spanish. When I next saw Juan Ramon, his father had died suddenly the day before, and a real bond was formed between us as we talked about the loss of our fathers and ran our hands through these drying coffee cherries. In the cup, this coffee is an approachable natural, soft on the palate with delicate aromatics that caress the olfactory with a mellow maltiness and understated fruits. Like Juan Ramon, this one is an introvert, and a very high-quality one that you’re certain to like. The last of our 2023 Holiday coffees, Montelin Java Natural is packaged in the colors of the Nicaraguan flag, wrapped in a festive paper. Get the cascara that previously enveloped these beans here.
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  • Java

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