Momoto Caminata

  • Of the variety Aframaro, a coffee brought to the Chiriquí highlands from the African continent, relative of Amaro Gayo of Ethiopia, where all coffee was born and most of the best still reside. Finca Momoto is a farm owned by Aliss Hartmann — one of five siblings in the family renowned for generations of coffee genius and nature preservation — and Luis Miranda — a Nicaraguan who grew up farming and earned a business degree and founded a business in San Francisco. The coffee is dry-processed, a natural, sun-dried on covered raised beds, marquesinas en Español. It has a delicate fragrance of blossoms and vanilla beans, aromatics dripping with berry and banana. One for the discerning, the volitional, the dreamer, a coffee that embodies the heart of Aliss and the mind of Luis. This is a special holiday gift set that includes 8 ounces of one of the most amazing coffees you've ever tasted, a commemorative trading card, origin narrative, and a little sneak preview of my journey into the wilderness – and what I found there. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this coffee will be donated to Friends of the Wichitas, which is a nonprofit organization established to support our beloved Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Join at





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