Honduras Montecillo

  • In the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, in the mountainsides high up on four wheel drive dirt roads above Lake Yojoa (where different kinds of farmers raise tilapia), coffee has been growing since the 1970s. I cupped this coffee in a town called Peña Blanca at Beneficio San Vicente, well-known for their honest and diligent work with small coffee farmers. We drove off into the mountains looking for the farm that produced the beans, and the farmer behind it all. And as happens in small towns, we stumbled upon Alejendro Guzman, owner of Finca Montecillo, while driving through the countryside. A humble, hard-working man, Alejandro reminded me of my grandpa. But my grandpa never made coffee like this. A washed coffee of the Pacas variety. Working man's coffee.
  •    TOBACCO





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