Colombia Villa San Antonio

  • I was in the Nariño department of Colombia, driving on a one-lane dirt road winding around the flanks of the Galeras Volcano, where cañeros led horses down the mountainside loaded with thick cuttings of sugar cane bound for the panela factory. A small white house on the side of the road made for a makeshift parking garage, and we walked up a footpath to a rundown farmhouse where Humberto Remigio Rodriguez greeted us warily. His farm, Villa San Antonio, sits on a very steep hillside thick with coffee trees of the Castillo variety. After a vigorous harvest, the coffee is pulped and then fermented for 15 hours in a concrete tank before being washed in a small tiled basin and dried on a cement patio. It's a classic example of small-producer coffee in Nariño. A soft, daily drinker.
  •    PANELA





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