Colombia Inga Aponte Honey

  • I'm generally not interested in Colombian coffees that I haven't had a hand in procuring. But my broker at Ally Coffee sent me this sample, and I just couldn't resist. All of our other Colombian coffees are from Antioquia, but this one is from the Nariño region, in the southwest corner of the country. This area has long produced excellent coffees, but it has also been a hotbed for illegal drugs. The Inga people who produced this coffee are direct descendants of the ancient Inca. Their homeland high in the mountains isolated them from the Spanish culture that conquered these lands in the 16th century. This coffee is a yellow Caturra variety, which is grown at an average elevation over 7,000 feet. That's really high for coffee, and produces a very hard bean that roasts really well. It is processed in a method called red honey, which means they strip off the skin of the coffee cherry and dry the seeds with almost all of its mucilage intact. The result is a sweet, easy-drinking coffee with round fruit aromas, not as overt as those found in Panama or Ethiopian naturals. Yellow Caturra, Red Honey - colors of the Colombian flag.





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