Costa Rica La Minita SUNDRIED

  • Well this is very exciting.  You're probably wondering what "sundried" means, and what the difference is between our regular La Minita and this coffee. La Minita is such a clean and delicious coffee.  It's been one of my favorites for a couple of decades now, since I first started roasting coffee.  The way it is produced is by the traditional washed method, where the coffee skins are stripped off the freshly-picked cherries, the coffee is left in fermentation tanks for several hours, and then the mucilage is washed off.  The coffee is then put into huge mechanical driers that are basically big, slowly turning drums that are heated by fire to a specific temperature.  This allows the coffee to be dried at a very specific rate in a very controlled environment to produce a very consistent product.  But you can't beat nature. As it turns out, drying coffee in the sun imparts more sweetness to the coffee.  It's an unreliable method because of the fickleness of weather, but when all goes well, it's the best.  So La Minita has begun producing small lots of coffee that have been laid out on their patio and sundried.  It's a bit more risky, time consuming, and labor intensive, but I think it's worth it.  If you're a fan of La Minita, you have to try this La Minita SUNDRIED.  A bit sweeter with a honeyed lemon aroma behind that hallmark milk chocolate taste you love.
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