Hartmann Gesha Zuto Natural

  • There are a lot of great coffees. Heck, I can go down our lineup and tell you all the amazing things about each coffee we roast. And, no offense to any of those others, but this coffee is what I've been looking forward to all year long. I absolutely love this coffee. Gesha coffees are a unique breed. Brought to the Americas from Africa because of its resistance to disease, it was discovered to have a cup profile unlike any other variety known today. This one comes from my friends in Panama, the Hartmann family. The Hartmanns are to coffee producers what the Gesha is to coffee varieties. So getting a Gesha from Finca Hartmann means it's the best of the best. This one has a classic natural Gesha profile, with lots of berry, citrus and florals. The fragrance and aromas are the thing that makes me not even want to drink it; just lingering over the cup is an amazing experience. We are selling this coffee in an 8 ounce holiday box. It comes with some literature about the coffee, a recipe card for the perfect food pairing with this coffee, and the package is adorned with a Liberty Head Nickel - the second in our Liberty Series. It's a package that's great for giving, but even better for exploring. This coffee makes me happy.
  •    LEMON





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