Guatemala Joyabaj Natural

  • This is a dry processed coffee from the area around the town of Joyabaj. The name comes from pre-colonial, even pre-Mayan days when the oral traditions of the Popol Vuh described the history of the K'iche' and the Mayan creation myth. It is thought that the word means “place between stones.” After the Spanish conquest, this area was the royal route to Mexico, but later was hit hard by the 30-year civil war and nearly destroyed by an earthquake in 1976. Today, the Guatemala Specialty Coffee Marketing Federation supports the community, which is still over 85% Indigenous, by providing transportation, processing, marketing and a stable purchase price for coffee. I find remarkable, ever-changing aromatics in this versatile coffee, so if you find yourself between a rock and a hard place... (photo courtesy of FECCEG)









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