Costa Rica Miramonte Sarchimor Natural

  • Ricardo Gurdian drives a Land Rover Defender 90 around his farm, Hacienda Miramonte. He told me they’ve been using Land Rovers on the farm since his father was young. I’ve driven only Land Rovers myself for the past 20 years, so the sight of that familiar four wheel drive brought a smile to my face. From my journal: “We drove around the farm and Ricardo explained the different methods he has been experimenting with to prune the coffee trees. We saw the trucks bringing the day’s picking into the receiving station. And then he showed me the large greenhouse he built to dry coffee on his property. It is large, and half is set up for patio drying naturals while the other half has African-style raised beds for drying the honey coffees.” Ricardo’s grandmother began coffee farming in the Central Valley of Costa Rica 100 years ago, starting a tradition of quality coffee cultivation that is now being passed on to Ricard’s daughter, Viviana. I ran into Viviana and Ricardo at a conference a couple years ago and began trying to convince them to produce a natural for us. So this past season, I visited the farm and tasted several of their special coffees, decidedly choosing this. It’s a variety called Sarchimor, dry processed, exuding a fresh fragrance of red and stone fruits with a deep backbone born of the terroir. We are selling this in a very special holiday package. The first coffee in our Liberty Series, the pound of coffee is adorned with an Indian Head Cent. The box also includes information about the coffee and cent, as well as a breakfast and dessert pairing created by the DoubleShot pastry chefs. [*note: the Indian Head Cent on this package is authentic. To see the relative value of the specific coin you receive, check out this site:]





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