Ratio Thermal Carafe with Porcelain Dripper

If you're like me and you went ahead and bought the Ratio Eight coffee brewer, but you don't like how fast the coffee cools in the glass carafe, here's your solution. Ratio makes this thermal carafe with a porcelain dripper which is a substitute for the glass receptacle that comes with the brewer. It's heavy, a combined 3.8 pounds combined. I'm not saying that weight equals quality, but when we're talking about heat retention, it doesn't hurt. This comes in two colors to match the Ratio Eight brewers we sell:  Champagne Nickel or Bright Silver. If you are thinking you'll buy this and use it as a pourover unit, I'll let you know that it won't work with the Hario V60 scale - it's too heavy. Use it with the Ratio Eight!

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