Airscape coffee canister

Well this is obviously not something you need. You could easily leave your coffee in the bag it came in. Or put it in a ziplock baggie. Heck, you could just dump the coffee beans in a mason jar. But the airscape canister is cool. What you don't want to do is leave your coffee exposed to air in your kitchen. Coffee beans will absorb any aromas floating around, like when you cook onions and garlic or bacon. Or when you drop some roux in a stockpot and cook up a hearty, delicious gumbo. Lord almighty that sounds good. But back to the airscape. It has a plunger that you push in on top of the coffee beans, and the plunger has a valve that lets the air out, and doesn't let that smelly air back in. So it keeps your coffee protected and pure. It looks cool. It sounds cool when you pull out the plunger and release that amazing coffee fragrance. And it's stainless steel, so you can throw it in the dishwasher to keep the coffee oils from last week's pound from contaminating this week's. Holds 1-1.25 pounds of coffee.

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