Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

  • No one really knows who first roasted, ground and brewed the seeds of the coffee fruit, but you have to wonder what it tasted like. Some Ethiopian mystic eight hundred years into the current era likely tossed those beans into his fire and smelled the fragrances we know and love today. And if the coffee tasted anything like this, it’s easy to understand why it became a beloved beverage throughout the world. This is a trio of heirloom varieties grown in the Yirgacheffe highlands and processed at the Worka washing station. It’s a blend of washed, naturals, and anaerobic natural coffees. Sit with a cup and let it take you back in time, and discover coffee all over again for yourself. This will make you into a Worka-holic. (Sorry for the pun. Photo courtesy of Balzac Brothers.)
  •    BLACK TEA









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