Ethiopia Harrar Deep Blue

  • A long, long time ago we had a coffee called Harrar Horse. That was one of the first naturals that I roasted which really had a blueberry essence and made me realize the complexity that coffees can have. This Harrar is equally as good. I’ve bought this coffee in the past and then it disappeared for a couple years. So when one of my brokers sent me an email about it, I was glad to see it back. Harrar is the traditional Ethiopian region where dry processed coffees are produced. The coffees are a bit fruity with an earthiness that makes you feel like you’re on the farm. The coffee beans there are classified as Longberry, Shortberry, and Moka. This coffee is primarily the Longberry, which is said to be a mutation of the Typica variety - but what does that really mean in Ethiopia? Means it’s good.





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