hike turkey [don't shop turkey] TSHIRT

  • Turkey Mountain. Sure, it's not really a mountain. But it's our very own urban wilderness. When I first moved to Tulsa back in 1996, I was eating breakfast at BBD and my waiter was a guy named Brian Duvall. Yeah, THAT Brian Duvall.  And he asked me if I was a mountain biker. Yeah, of course. So he told me I had to go ride at Turkey. Since then I've ridden and run thousands of miles at Turkey. It really is amazing that we have a place here right in Tulsa Oklahoma that makes you feel like you've left the city and gone deep into the woods. The trails are rocky and technical and flowy and fun. And extensive. With the growing popularity of Turkey Mountain, this excitement is shared by many Tulsa-area residents, and many of our identities are tied up in that dirt singletrack. But now there is an effort to build an outlet mall at the west end of the area, which will inevitably cause problems with traffic and more urban development, plus erosion and contamination from runoff of the massive amount of pavement that will be poured adjacent to our wilderness area. The land of the proposed outlet mall is zoned for agricultural use, and must be re-zoned by our city government before this outlet mall can be constructed. Let's all pull together to save Turkey Mountain by spreading the word, and by contacting our city councillors and letting them know we don't want commercial development on our mountain. Hike Turkey. Don't shop Turkey.

  • District 1
    Jack Henderson
    District 2
    Jeannie Cue
    Council Vice Chair
    District 3
    David Patrick
    District 4
    Blake Ewing
    District 5
    Karen Gilbert
    District 6
    Connie Dodson
    District 7
    Anna America
    District 8
    Phil Lakin Jr.
    Council Chair
    District 9
    G.T. Bynum

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