Sumatra Aceh Gayo Highlands

  • We've had a 12 year love affair with the coffees of Sumatra. It's been a staple in our offerings since day one. But through the years we have switched from one Sumatra to another. They're so aromatic. This is a coffee I bought from a relatively new broker to us, Balzac Brothers. I've really enjoyed working with these guys and have already bought some fantastic coffee. The coffee is from the Aceh region, just like the last few coffees we've had from Sumatra. It comes from a place called the Gayo Highlands, which supposedly is the best place to grow coffee on the island. The coffee was originally planted by Dutch colonists around 1924, from what I can tell. But the indigenous population of the area is a tribe (called Gayo) that existed in isolation until the construction of modern roads and transportation. Look it up on the Lonely Planet website and it makes me want to go visit. Until then, this coffee is great. A bit of a departure from our previous Aceh, this coffee has more complexity and sweetness to round out the huge earthy aromas. (picture of Dutch colonists in Sumatra from the Tropenmuseum via wikipedia)





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