Rwanda Inzovu

  • This is a great coffee at a great price. My broker, Kathi, at Coffee Holding Company sold me this coffee and I really like it as an every-day drinker. As a bonus (sitting at my desk, anyway) the 132-pound burlap bags have a really cool design with an elephant as the central artwork. This coffee comes from the Rwanda Trading Company, which produces the coffee they call Inzovu, the Kinyarwanda word meaning Elephant. The company operates washing stations that take in coffee cherries from the local farmers to produce this high-quality coffee. In addition, the mills have developed a program to turn coffee cherry skins (which are usually a waste product that are bad for the land and water and people near) into productive fertilizer by applying lime, molasses, and a microbial. This makes fertilizer available for farmers who normally couldn't afford it, and improves the health and productivity of their trees. (If you are brewing this as a pourover coffee, I had an excellent one yesterday brewed at 197˚)





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