Rwanda Bourbon Mayaguez

  • Where do the names of the coffees come from? I’m asked that now and then, and it’s an interesting question. The reality is, when I buy a coffee, I get a lot of information about that coffee: where it’s from, who grew it, in what mill it was processed, the varieties of the coffee, processing method, etc. When I look at the coffee and taste it and think about what it means to me, I decide which information I will use to name the coffee. In the case of this coffee, I feel like the place (Rwanda) and the variety of the coffee (Bourbon Mayaguez) define it. This coffee was grown in Northwest Rwanda, near Lake Kivu (which divides Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo), in districts named Rubavu and Rutsiro. The coffee is from a coop called COOPAC, which has 2200 farmer members. Rwanda virtually produces all Bourbon coffee, a variety that is a natural mutation of Typica on the French island of Bourbon (now Reunion). This variety, Bourbon Mayaguez, is a sub-variety of Bourbon that is only grown in Rwanda and Burundi. I really like this coffee, and I think the flavors are indicative of a good Rwandan with clear, robust nutty and chocolatey and other aromas that I think of as brown. Great coffee any time of day.
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