Not the Worst Tshirt

If you think this is the worst Tshirt, you don't know poor quality.  This is definitely NOT the worst Tshirt.  In fact, I anticipate this will be one of our most popular designs to date, and that's saying something.  I mean, we're no Eskimo Joe's, but we've sold a lot of tshirts over the years.  I really like this shirt.  It's a very soft cotton with 10% polyester blended in and it's heather grey, but I've never really liked that name so we're going to call it "Grill Ash" because it kind of reminds me of the powdery remnants in the bottom of my grill after I medium-rare a delicious 4H cow ribeye.  But call it what you want.  It's unisex, and seems to run just a smidge smaller than what you might be used to.  Buy one and wear it just to prove that you are not drinking the worst coffee in flyover country (Stated in black on the front).  Traditional DoubleShot Tulsa logo on the back, so you can expect people to read your shirt and walk around behind you to see what kind of a company would advertise in such a manner.  That's us.

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