Ok ok. Hold up for a second. Yes, it's true; we're not a chocolatier. That's why we were smart enough to collaborate with a Tulsa company that is producing some of the best chocolate around. It seems like every time I try to recreate the MADURO BAR, I learn more about chocolate and how the snap and melt should feel in the mouth. And about the tasting notes of chocolate. About how coffee and chocolate should interact for the best experience. With this third iteration of the MADURO BAR, we worked with Glacier Confection, who used a delicious Peru Nacional dark chocolate and infused it with our world-renowned Maduro natural coffee, roasted by me. It's as smooth and delicious as any bar I've tasted. It's very thin, so when you bite off a sliver, it begins to melt on your tongue.  The coffee infusion is subtle, enough to compliment the chocolate but not overwhelm or choke you.  It's also 25% larger than our previous bar. So I'm excited to release our new chocolate bar. You're going to love it.

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