It's back. THE MADURO BAR!  And if you liked the last one, this one is going to blow your mind.  Seriously.  It's... I feel the need to swear right here... amazing.  We teamed up with a real tried-and-true chocolatier in our neighboring state of Arkansas.  They are called Kyya Chocolate, and they basically do what we do.  They buy raw cocoa beans and they roast them, smoosh them, smoosh them some more, and then keep smooshing them until they are smooth like silk.  So smooth, in fact, that your tongue can't distinguish the texture from liquid.  25 microns.  The chocolate we decided to use for the MADURO BAR is my personal favorite, a single origin chocolate from the island of Madagascar.  The place we know of because of their vanilla.  This particular chocolate has a super interesting, fermented fruit taste to it and I think it is absolutely fantastic.  We roasted some of our amazing Maduro coffee, a natural from Hacienda El Boton in Bolivar Colombia, and experimented until we came up with the perfect amount to infuse into the chocolate to produce the flavor and texture we love.  It's the best of chocolate and coffee, right in one delicious treat.  This collaboration is the work of Ariel Montoya and his workers at El Boton, Rick Boosey and his artisan chocolatiers at Kyya, and all of us here at the DoubleShot.  We're super excited to bring this back, and I know you'll love it.  We are selling these at $7 for one or three bars for $19.  

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