Gallon Can of Coffee

The gallon can is back!  It's a throwback to the beginning of our foray into online sales, and now it's back by popular demand.

One gallon of coffee.  Packed in a metal can with a sealed lid and bail, adorned with the DoubleShot icon.  We've decided to bring the gallon back in two different varieties:  our Ambergris Espresso Blend or the delicious Costa Rica La Minita.  Two really excellent coffees that are among our all-time most popular offerings.  Ambergris is all about crema - pull it through your espresso machine and it will fill your shot glasses with rich, oily crema, the essence of coffee encompassing the aromas that make coffee great.  Our La Minita is one of the best, cleanest, and most consistently delicious coffees on the market today for any brew method.  Read more about these coffees on their respective pages:

We always ship it fresh, and the gallon can will keep stray aromas wafting through your kitchen from infiltrating the coffee.  

(1 gallon of Ambergris contains 3.1 pounds of coffee beans, and 1 gallon of La Minita contains 3.3 pounds of coffee beans.)

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