Ethiopia Sidamo Bokaso

  • This is a washed coffee from Sidamo. Seems like most of the Sidamo coffees we've had in the past have been naturals, so this is a bit of a departure. The coffee was processed at the Bokaso Cooperative, where it was washed and sun dried on raised beds. It's an excellent coffee, and one that Royal Coffee (the broker) did a big analysis of. Their cupping notes for it are heavily weighted toward lemon, peach and floral. To me, this coffee is like a hot girl who turns out to be sweet and funny. I mean, the grounds smell good. And it tastes fine. But the slower you sip on it and the more time passes, the more interesting and delightful it proves to be. The real perfume of this coffee comes as it cools. Like any good relationship. They all start out hot and heavy; bad ones fizzle, good ones blossom.
  •    JASMINE





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