Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kokanna

  • Ethiopia. The birthplace of coffee. I haven’t been there yet. But I really want to go. This coffee is from our broker, Royal Coffee. It’s a washed Yirgacheffe from a district called Gedeb and a mill called Kokanna. It’s a really high-grown coffee, which yields a dense, clean, delicious cup. This coffee has some really distinctive floral and typical Yirgacheffe flavor profiles. It’s a bit askew from the Yirgs we’ve had in the past, with really nice aromatics and more soft fruits and less on the caramel side. I’m really enjoying it. The varieties in this coffee are indigenous and wild, so the flavors inherent in this native coffee grown in its native soil are hard to beat. (The coffee flowers and pretty purple flowers in the picture are from a recent trip to Costa Rica.)





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