Acaia | Pearl Coffee Scale

I recently went to the annual convention for the Specialty Coffee Association of America, and this was the best consumer product I saw at the show.  At first I didn't get it, but once I saw what this thing does, I was instantly sold on it.  

First, these guys took the time to package it right.  When you get it, you'll see what I mean.  Even though this is a new company, the packaging is apple-quality.  The scale itself looks nice, but is a fairly nondescript, white box.  The exciting thing about it is the bluetooth technology.  It connects to your phone or tablet.  And this is where they hooked me.

Acaia has an app.  It's free, and can even be useful without the scale for figuring out the ratio you need of coffee to water.  But the real exciting part of the Acaia scale is the functionality of brewing coffee with it.  For pourover coffee, you can set all the parameters you want to use and then the scale will guide you through it.  Weigh your coffee beans, and then it will tell you how much water you need.  Start the timer.  It will give you a countdown, and then you pour your pre-wet to let the coffee bloom.  It times this pour and tells you when to stop.  And then it times your pre-wet delay and tells you when to start pouring again, and then times the rest of your pour with a target time and weight of water.  One of the really cool aspects of it is that as you are pouring the water, it shows a graph with the water level and rate of your pour.  So you can see graphically how consistently you are pouring the water on the bed of coffee.  When you are approaching the final quantity of water, the scale will ping to alert you.  I think it is an awesome training tool for my baristas, and the best cups of coffee I've made have been using this scale.  It teaches you.

After you make the coffee, you can rate it, make notes, take pictures, and share it if you want.  I'm excited about this.  If you asked me right now what coffee brewer you should buy, this would be it.  Get a V60, a grinder, a kettle, and this scale.

Download the app here to see a little of what this thing is capable of:



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