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November 25, 2016

In the early days of the DoubleShot, when we were just beginning to understand the magic that Ethiopia brings to coffee, an interesting story opened up to me that brought that world from across the sea right home to Oklahoma.  Two greying men met at the DoubleShot a couple of days per week. They would sit at ease and drink our drip coffee and leisurely converse. If you wandered near their table at any point you might hear them discussing politics or current events or some philosophical point of which they’d plenty of time to ponder. The discourse was one monologue with plenty of air between words, unhurried and immersive, followed by the other rebutting or augmenting the previous assertions.... Continue Reading →

Q&A with Marcos Oviedo, producer of Sircof Venecia Honey

November 21, 2016

DoubleShot Coffee Company:  Thank you for producing high-quality coffee. We are really enjoying having your coffee at my shop.  How big is your farm and how many people work on it?  Marcos Oviedo:  10 hectares. I have two workers that help me, but my Dad and I do a lot of the work. DoubleShot: This Venecia Honey coffee is excellent. Have you tasted the coffee?  Marcos:  Yes, I like to drink my own coffee. DoubleShot:  Can you describe the “honey process” that was used with our coffee? Marcos:  the coffee is not submerged in water, it is just wet as it goes thru the "chancadora" de-pulp machine, which takes the skin off, leaving a good deal of mucilage(sweet layer) on... Continue Reading →