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Preparedness and Risk

July 13, 2015

There is a story written and lived by John Muir (A Wind-Storm in the Forests) in which he decides one day to climb a tall Douglas Spruce tree in the Sierra Nevadas.  He climbs all the way to the top.  But he climbs during a strong wind storm.  He climbs despite the fact that the tree is listing and bending and swaying heavily.  In his words, “The slender tops fairly flapped and swished in the passionate torrent, bending and swirling backward and forward, round and round, tracing indescribable combinations of vertical and horizontal curves, while I clung with muscles firm braced, like a bobo-link on a reed.”  Muir describes the things he sees as he sways in ellipses about the... Continue Reading →

Cycling brings coffee people together

June 10, 2015

The DoubleShot has been pretty busy over the past few months.  We’ve been steadily making changes to accommodate more customers, to serve you more efficiently and help you with more questions about coffee drinks, coffee beans, and coffee equipment.  Our pastry chef has been in the kitchen churning out the most delicious muffins and scones in town.  It’s exciting to see so many new faces, and friends who have been coming every day for years, on this path of discovery and experimentation to find out how to make a better cup of coffee.   Last month I spent a few days in Nicaragua.  It was my first trip there and I went in not knowing where I would be or... Continue Reading →